About Our Work: Emerging Solutions & Best Practices

In 2013, FWRA released a survey highlighting the great strides being made by manufacturers and retail companies in food donation, food waste reduction and diversion from landfills. The following year (2014), the Emerging Solutions & Best Practices subcommittee of the Food Waste Reduction Alliance used those study results to begin identifying the best practices within the manufacturing, retail and restaurant industry.  The compilation resulted in the very first FWRA Best Practices and Emerging Solutions Toolkit outlining strategies from food manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operators and sharing strategic approaches to assist likeminded organizations to keep food out of landfills and reduce food waste at the source. Food waste reduction efforts are constantly evolving, and, in November 2015, FWRA released a second volume, providing additional insight; revisiting model practices and emerging solutions compiled from more than 30 FWRA member companies and expert partners from the hunger relief and waste management sectors; and featuring new real-life examples and case studies.

Click here to access the Volume 2: 2015 Best Practices and Emerging Solutions Guide.

Click here to access the Volume 1: 2014 Best Practices and Emerging Solutions Guide.