About Our Work: Assessment- Measuring Food Waste

The FWRA realized at the outset of its efforts that accurate assessments of the volume of food waste being produced by each sector -manufacturing, retail and foodservice – would be fundamental to affecting meaningful reductions in food waste.

Prior to the FWRA’s efforts, most studies that attempted to measure waste were based on estimates and extrapolation. The FWRA set out to collect more accurate measures based on data directly from participating companies, working with non-profit think-tank BSR as its research partner. The result has been a series of studies that aims to benchmark and track the progress of FWRA sectors against their goal of reducing food waste.

Explore the data in the most recent report released in November 2016 and learn more about the important successes and unique challenges of manufacturers, retailers and restaurants when it comes to reducing food waste, and how the collective food industry is pushing for further reductions.