What if three major industries could come together to reduce the amount of waste being sent to America’s landfills?  At the same time, what if more food could be donated to help feed hungry families?

These are the goals of the Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA), an initiative of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (representing food and beverage companies), the Food Marketing Institute (representing food retailers), and the National Restaurant Association (representing the foodservice industry).  Established in 2011, the FWRA has already engaged more than 30 leading companies and stakeholder partners, including Feeding America and Waste Management, Inc.  With a record one in six Americans receiving food assistance and landfills that are increasingly over-burdened, the need to tackle the challenges of food waste has never been more urgent.  Working collaboratively across sectors, the FWRA seeks to:

Goal #1:

reduce the amount of food waste generated,

Goal #2:

increase the amount of safe, nutritious food donated to those in need, and

Goal #3:

recycle unavoidable food waste, diverting it from landfills.

FWRA Members

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